Braided Harness Benefits

  • Compact & tight.
  • Complies with MDG 15 standards.
  • No bulky branch connection.
  • Quick & easy installation, therefore reducing costs.
  • All harnesses are electronically circuit tested and quality assured before being dispatched.
  • Prevents vibration of wires, this eliminates abrasion, open and short circuiting, therefore reducing costs and downtime.
  • No build up of foreign material inside harness. Braiding reduces water or oil/chemical damage as evident in conduit harnesses.

XLPE Wire Benefits

  • Conductor 250˚C Short Circuit
  • Insulation -54˚C  to +125˚C
  • Light in weight
  • Insulation is fire-retardant
  • Tinned copper wire reduces the risk of tarnishing (known as the Green Death)